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The Most Traumatic Mating in the Animal Kingdom

When the terms “sex” “mating” or “copulation” are mentioned, those various images and thoughts that flash through our minds are often pleasant and exciting. Unfortunately, for one animal the word ‘pleasant’ is definitely not the case, and in fact the poor female experiences the most traumatic insemination known. The ill-fated victim is the common bedbug

The Largest Greenhouse in the World – The Eden Project

It’s a dream come true – a magical story of how restoration can transform an exhausted site into the world’s largest captive rainforest and greenhouse, showcasing plants which have changed the world, connects culture and communities and has even been called the 8th wonder. Image Credits: Stuart Herbert The 21st century will provide enormous challenges

The Lion Whisperer – Behaviorist and Hugger of Lions

Originating as an adolescent wild running “Bird Man of Orange Grove” caring for all things nature to a self taught animal behaviourist, it is no surprise that when Kevin Richardson crosses all barriers involved with the animal kingdom and cuddles lions he is known as the mighty “Lion Whisperer”. Kevin Richardson is both a zoologist

Advertising London – An Historical Collection of Classic Posters

They are vivid, colourful and strikingly creative, composed of bold images and tipped with sharp text. They meet their purpose beautifully – to engage London visitors in feeling passionate about what the capital has to offer. The London zoo, Natural History museum, Covent gardens, a steam boat tour… the list is an endless supply of

The Praying Mantis – The Insect that Eats Heads

The praying mantis family is composed of persistent, ruthless predators, and catching a glimpse of their hunting behaviour is a little frightening delight. They lie, well camouflaged in their wait for the arrival of prey, with their spiny, grasping front legs upraised and pincers partially opened, poised for the catch. Their heads can swivel up