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7 Interesting Radiation Facts !

Radiation is all around is . It has very important effect on our life .So we prepared few radiation facts for you in case you didn’t know about them . 7.The Manhattan Project img source The American Gowerment secretly tested radiation effects  on their citizens , yes its true no joking .Book by Eileen Welsome

10 Rarest Species You May Never Have Heard Of

Our Planet is full of wonders and rare species that make us wonder how wonderful and  mixed is nature .So we made list for 10 Rarest Species You May Never Have Heard Of. Enjoy and share if you like this article   1.Valais Blacknose Sheep                                                                                                         img source wiki The Valais Blacknose sheep are some

10 Amazing Mysteries of our Solar System

We’ve  found nearly 1,800 planets around other stars. It would be simple to think that we have got a pretty good handle on what’s around. Subsequently you figure out that there is a weird giant hexagon on Saturn, and you comprehend that we do not understand half of what’s going on with our closest neighbors.

7 Ancient and Forgotten Civilizations

We have learned in our history classes about ancient civilizations but there are some that we have forgotten and not often mentioned  . So we made article to make tribute to them. 7.Zapotec Civilization Photo credit: Rod Waddington While most people are familiar with the Maya of Mesoamerica and the Aztecs, the people called the

8 Amazing Man-Made Underwater Discoveries

It’s unbelievable what we have discovered buried in the depths of the ocean. Every shipwreck is exciting, but occasionally divers stumble across things with no business being near water in the very first place. From 19th century locomotives to historical cities that formerly resided just through legend, the ocean is an extensive treasure chest full

7 Archaeological Discoveries Because of Global Warming

The withdrawing ice is exposing long-hidden things–many with priceless historical value–that have now been well preserved by the ice for decades, or perhaps thousands of years. But after these things so are subjected to the elements and are released from their icy graves, they quickly disintegrate and vanish. Archaeologists and scientists around the globe are

The Heartwarming Story of an Imperfect Dog

Therapy Dog Dropout is Changing The World By Michelle Jansick She has a missing tooth and an occasional limp.  She doesn’t get along with every dog she meets, and sometimes she falls UP the stairs.  Chipper—a 5-year-old rescued mutt with golden fur and soft brown eyes—is far from perfect, but that hasn’t stopped her from

Wolfs Enjoying Watermelons Photos !

The watermelon-wielding wolfS shown here, get much more than merely a bite.They sets their natural instincts and skills to utilize when presented with all the challenge of digging treats from a melon. “Giving the wolves enrichment substances, like watermelons, presents the critters with the possibility to make selections,” Elizabeth Rose, the Wolf Park’s managing director,