Welcome to “Metalmorphosis” – a giant sculpture that forms part of a public fountain bringing an office park to life in the city of Charlotte, USA with its reflecting flashes of light and imposing metallic surface. This marvellous creation from David Cerny is a seven metre high structure of a three-dimensional male’s head, composed of horizontally-moving stainless steel plates, which separate different sections of the head, creating a twisting edge to its exterior.

Image Credits: Lou Harkey

Image Credits: John C // Jcolbyc

The 14 tonnes of stainless steel resembles the behaviour of a transformer – his head twists and turns, whilst guzzling out fresh water across the office park. He almost looks alive, as his neck and cheeks become rotated, and his eyes lock on to several different places. You almost feel scared to great him. Nevertheless he is striking and powerful and with just a glimpse you can taste the artist’s passion in his creation.

Image Credits: Princess Stand in the Rain // Angi English


Metalmorphosis is Cerny’s first permanent public installation in the United States where undoubtedly it deserves its new home in front of the Whitehall Corporation Centre. Its custom-written program that controls the embedded motors within the structure, allows the different sections of the head to change sequence and orientation, creating visual images of the head being twisted, dissected or sliced apart. Each motor contains a feedback switch which allows the computer to know exactly where each section of the sculpture is at any given moment. These are controlled by David himself via the internet, allowing his enthusiasm for his work of art, computing and mechanical engineering to shine through the sculptures behaviour.

Image Credits: Derek.b

Image Credits: DigiDreamGrafix.com

Metalmorphosis certainly grants an electrifying opportunity for photography lovers visiting or living in Charlotte, to capture the different appearances of metalmorphosis – almost like capturing his spilt personalities on camera.

Image Credits: Princess Stand in the Rain

David Cerny’s reputation began after daringly painting a Soviet tank pink during 1991. Since then, his courageous and unique works, including giant babies towering high around Prague, has positioned himself with a great reputation of being one of Czech Republics most innovative and stimulating artists. The inspiration behind Cerny’s original and notorious work stems from his personal experiences in living under the oppression of the communist party. These experiences have only multiplied the magnitude of his work – allowing a great audience to become engaged, stimulating them to actually think about the visual beauty that’s in front of them and its origin.

Image Credits: Kevin O’Connor

Image Credit: Lou Harkey

Congratulations Cerny. Metalmorphosis is a masterpiece.

  • Louann Harkey

    I saw your article this morning, I was so surprised when I opened my facebook and my sister had shared your article on her facebook. You had picked her photos also. She is know as Princess Stand in the Rain on Flickr. Thank you for credits and your article was awesome. I will diffentley follow your blog on Green-Buzz.

  • Kevin

    When I visited Metalmorphosis, the head was facing away as we approached. I photographed him from several angles, hope he would transform but he was content to spew water from his mouth. My companions were bored so we walked back to the car. I turned for a final view, and was surprised to see him staring at us. He had morphed as we walked away.